Jefferson Curl

#2: Exercise Tip of the Week

Hello NorCalSpartan.  This is the second installment of “Exercise Tip of the Week.”  This week we are going to show you a great exercise drill called the “Jefferson Curl.” This movement helps keep you low back and hamstrings mobile and will build some strength and flexibility in both areas at the same time.  A racer needs mobile hamstrings and a strong low back for all the uphill and carry work.  When performing the Jefferson Curl here are some key points to keep in mind (if you are new to this movement, start very light and as you achieve mastery and your strength increases, you can then increase the weight amount):

  1. Start with the weight in both hands standing in a tall position (can use many different objects from a dumbbell, kettle-bell, barbell, slam ball, etc.)
  2. Glutes should be engaged throughout the movement starting at the top position
  3. As you begin to move downwards (keeping the legs as straight as possible) tuck your chin towards your neck and slowly roll forward one vertebrae at a time
  4. The goal is to get as far down as possible while maintaining straight legs with a flexed back position
  5. If you can get past your toes on the way down, stand on a box to allow yourself more range of motion to work the movement
  6. Now reverse the process back to your start position moving each vertebrae up one at a time

This video from our friends over at NorCal Strength and Conditioning is a great representation of how the Jefferson Curl should be completed.

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