Are you being honest?!

Are you being honest?!

I find this question super intriguing, especially when talking about fitness.  If I ask most folks if they believe they are honest, I bet most will raise their hand.

But in truth, all of you would be lying to yourself.  We all lie!  There’s no way around it.  Even if you are the holiest of saints, or a kid with his hand in the cookie jar, we all do it.  And the most common lie is to ourselves!  Let me explain…

Let’s take a topic we are extremely familiar with.  RELATIONSHIPS.  We have so many people we care about.  Family, friends, co-workers, etc.  We lie to each of them everyday.  I hate to say this, because I strive to be as honest as I can.

How many times has someone asked you a question about how something looks and you haven’t told them your gut reaction?  Most of us.  We choose to save face and choose to say something that will make them feel good because most of us are genuinely good people.  There is a distinct difference between being a good person and being a honest one.

Let’s get back to the point I was trying to make earlier.  The biggest lie is to ourselves.  I find this happens a lot when someone is starting their fitness journey or trying to get back on the wagon.  They decide, “today is the day I am going to go to the gym! Hell I already got my membership right?!  I’ve made the first step!”  Then comes step two, putting that plan into action. Until BOOM, life happens!  What happens next?  They go to the gym or they do what’s comfortable and push it off another day?  9 times out of 10 it’s the latter.

And it happens day after day after day and what do you know…another year rolls by.  It’s July 2018 right now.  If you are reading this and haven’t committed to your fitness journey, stop making excuses and get your ass to the gym, park, or on a workout program that sets you up for success at home.  Most of us got to get away from “home and life distractions” to accomplish this, unless you know you are extremely motivated individual who doesn’t have those distractions at home.  I find that I need to be around other people who are getting their fitness on as this encourages and motivates me more towards my fitness goals.

So the next time you call yourself a honest person…I challenge you to evaluate yourself.  I fight this internal struggle just like you, EVERYDAY.  Choose to do what you know is right.  Right for you and your body, because you deserve it!  And be as honest as you can.  Tell someone how you really feel.  Go to the gym when you say you are.  These are just a few things you can do to take that step in the right direction with being honest with yourself.  Write it down!  Post it somewhere!  Make someone commit with you!  Sign up for a race or event!  Make yourself accountable!  Get that healthy body you know you deserve!

My latest lie to myself was thinking I would find passion working outside of the health and fitness industry.  You can read all about that experience HERE.  But here I am, back to my commitment to being honest with myself and holding myself accountable by sharing my journey with all of you.

Are you being honest?

P.S.  Please reach out to me at  I would love to help you anyway that I can.  We all have struggles, and it’s better if we don’t deal with them alone.  Accountability is crucial. 





Power Systems and Yancy Culp

IdeaFit 2018, Spartan Strong, and Much More!

I had the opportunity to go to San Diego this weekend, with my girlfriend Hilary, to a big health and fitness event called IdeaFit.  Minus the 7+ hour drive from Monterey to there on Friday night, it was an amazing experience.  Good thing I got my Theragun in the mail before we left!  Definitely enjoyed using that to loosen up those stiff hips and glutes from sitting in the car for that time period.

We only got to spend 1 day at the event, Saturday, but we definitely felt like it was more than enough.  Hilary was there with all of the other Les Mills fanatics taking 3+ workouts a day with their favorite instructors.  I didn’t realize how big Les Mills was till I went to this convention.  Sometimes as coaches we can get stuck in our own little world and methodologies and not realize how many other training platforms are out there that get the job done!  They definitely had the biggest showing of folks there.  Hilary got to watch them do BodyCombat on an aircraft carrier while I found parking at the convention center.

Les Mills

After she finished the BodyCombat class we met up and headed to the upstairs convention area so that I could get prepped for Spartan Strong and she could take BodyPump.  We parted ways and I entered room #25 with probably 50+ others who most likely had no clue what we were getting into.  I have a lot of experience training for Spartan Races and coaching athletes on how to prepare for these, but this was nothing like I had seen before on how to get ready for a race.

As we entered the room Spartan instructors Aimee Nicotera and Alex Isaly were there to greet us as they were setting up for class.  They told us to grab a 10 lb. Spartan pancake (sandbell) as we entered and mentioned that it was going to be the only piece of equipment we were going to be using for the workout.  Where were the buckets, heavy sandbags, walls, ropes, etc?  First thought that went through my mind was that this is going to be a beginning level workout and I better just suck it up buttercup and take it in stride.  What are they going to have us use this light ass sandbell outside of super light carries?

Spartan Strong

Oh man, was I so wrong.  I had no idea that it was going to be hell in a group fitness, music thumping, Spartan Arooing, fun community-based environment.  They did a great job getting us primed for the workout using many of the movements that we would be using throughout the class.  They offered many different variations for all skill levels, so anyone from the beginner to elite level athlete would get a great workout, and best of all, it didn’t slow down the class to go over all of these.  Very streamlined and effective.

Spartan Strong is based of 5 Phases:

  1. Readiness
  2. Stamina
  3. Accountability
  4. Tenacity
  5. Resilience

Each phase symbolizes attributes that a person needs to be Spartan Race ready.  I really loved the idea behind each of the phases and Aimee and Alex did a phenomenal job describing the complexities of each.  There was a warm up and cool down, and they didn’t rush through these which I was really happy with (I have strong opinions about proper warm up and cool down).  My body takes a while to prime and unglue for good mechanical movement.  And spending time stretching at the end is ideal for any class environment.

Another big plus was that we hit a variety of range of motion using most muscles groups in the class hour.  Spartan Strong’s team uses theory and application from various scientific training methodologies:

Spartan Strong Scientific Training Methodologies

Aimee went in further to explain how it related to being out there on the course and handling everyday life.  Our bodies need to respond and react to movement in any direction, which she is 100% right on the money.  We did different variations of lunges, jumps, sandbell pulls, crawls, sandbell holds and swings, partner work, etc. that took us through all these ranges of motion.

They also added different varieties of training through the class!  We changed intensities, speeds, directions, partner drills, time under load, varying rest periods, moving around the room and using the space, and burpees galore (wouldn’t be Spartan without burpees right?!) all while hollering Aroo and giving High Fives all around!

After class ended I was toast.  It was way harder than I expected and the format was all encompassing and engaging draining most of my energy systems.  Not to worry, Hilary was just off BodyPump and we were ready to explore and hit up all the supplement booths downstairs to get our energy levels back up…

After we hit up all the different varieties of nutritional products and supplements, we were back at it again.  This time exploring all the different varieties of gym equipment to styles of training.  I was blown away by how many fun and exciting products there were that I had never seen before (Trueform runner was dope and I didn’t feel my plantar fasciitis or heel spur while running on it).

I was also blown away by how many products were out there that just seemed silly and ridiculous.  For example, there was a bouncy ball product that you sat on and bounced your way into fitness…similar to the little kid ones you put in your backyard.  But…to each their own.  That product isn’t for me.

My favorite booth of the IdeaFit floor was Power Systems.  They had great products that were ideal for most gym and outdoor settings, and best of all the most friendly and engaging crew at the event.  I went there to find OCR Legend Yancy Culp, and he introduced me to the team there.  Yancy even roped Hilary and I into a fun workout with their MostFit Core Hammer and 2-in-1 Flip and Plyo.  That hammer felt great in your hands and loved the fact that when you hit the ground or 2-in-1 there wasn’t much feedback in terms of vibration through your arms and body!

Needless to say we were done by the end of the day.  But before we could leave I had to pick up the Hypervolt by Hyperice so that I could do a comparison with the Theragun!

P.S.  Stay tuned for a review and comparison as I get to play and practice with each.  Until then Get Your Fitness On and Go Win!

NorCalSpartan is Back Baby!


Well…let’s just start with saying, I’m Back Baby!  I took a long hiatus when I got injured, got a divorce, and so much other crazy shit!  Life has been very interesting for me these past few years, but honestly in the words of a close friend, My towers all needed to fall before I could move to the next phase of my life (More on that later but I think I’m moving in the right direction…).  I am not a big fan of making excuses! So…Now I’m back to a project I started years ago, my passion project.

I honestly do love writing and talking about a variety of topics as this is a skill I’m very good at.  I’m sure I could get plenty of testimonials from clients in the past to back this up if you need data.  But let’s just say you agree with me.

What am I a going to be talking about on here?  Well…for starters, things I am passionate about with no filter.  I am going to be “ME!”  Some people will like it, and others will not.  But hey…that’s just life.  And if you like the content, awesome!  Share it and let’s grow together.  If you hate it…well go find a blog somewhere else.  If you’re a troll…go watch Shrek…

Stay tuned for my first writing article coming this week…You will be glad you did!