#3: Mobility Tip of the Week

Hello NorCalSpartan.  This is Week 3 of “Mobility Tip of the Week.”  This week we are continuing to build off our Achilles and Calf segment, but adding in the ankles.  The lower portion of the leg is super important to take care of mobility and flexibility wise to stay injury free.  Adding in all of these drills weekly will give your body a great fighting chance to stay away from injuries.  Here is a short video clip on our new drill:  Ankling

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Mobility Drill for the Calves

Got Tight Calves? I’m not talking Cool Baby Cows…

If you are a trail runner, Spartan Racer, track star, or just out there logging some miles for the pure joy of running this is a mobility drill you should be doing.  If you are putting in any sort of mileage, your calves and achilles start to take a beating especially when you are hitting over the 20+ mile range a week.  A runner should never have their Calves/Achilles become their “Achilles Heel” during a race!!  Check out this short video clip that I put together on how to keep your calves and achilles in running order…

P.S.  You can get the PVC at Lowes or Home Depot for just a few dollars.  If you are willing to spend the money for it, my favorite device to use is the Theragun!