NorCalSpartan is Back Baby!


Well…let’s just start with saying, I’m Back Baby!  I took a long hiatus when I got injured, got a divorce, and so much other crazy shit!  Life has been very interesting for me these past few years, but honestly in the words of a close friend, My towers all needed to fall before I could move to the next phase of my life (More on that later but I think I’m moving in the right direction…).  I am not a big fan of making excuses! So…Now I’m back to a project I started years ago, my passion project.

I honestly do love writing and talking about a variety of topics as this is a skill I’m very good at.  I’m sure I could get plenty of testimonials from clients in the past to back this up if you need data.  But let’s just say you agree with me.

What am I a going to be talking about on here?  Well…for starters, things I am passionate about with no filter.  I am going to be “ME!”  Some people will like it, and others will not.  But hey…that’s just life.  And if you like the content, awesome!  Share it and let’s grow together.  If you hate it…well go find a blog somewhere else.  If you’re a troll…go watch Shrek…

Stay tuned for my first writing article coming this week…You will be glad you did!



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