Week 3: NorCal Spartan Training


Last week I finally felt like I was getting back into the groove after missing 4 days of solid training…  I finally got over the cold, but still had some lingering congestion for a few more days, but was able to get some solid workouts in.  I waited till a little later in the week to start my running aerobic base workouts and went with some light biking and classes at NorCalSC Chico (week 1 of programming in classes).  In classes, we are deloading due to coming off max week (my bulking season).  Here is what last week looked like training wise:

Monday 2/6:

Tuesday 2/7:

  • 30 min on Stationary Bike- still felt like I wasn’t ready to get back on the trails and was still a little drained from Monday’s workout

Wednesday 2/8:

  • 45+ Min Run at Bidwell 1 Mile
    • Ran 5.4 miles in 46:22 (8:28 avg. mile pace)
      • *goal was just to go out and run for 45 mins just working aerobic base and working off the cold, terrain was a pavement path in the park*
  • Intermediate Class:

Thursday 2/9:

  • 35+ Min Run at Baroni Park Area
    • Ran 4.1 Miles in 37:00 (8:53 avg. mile pace)
      • *goal was just to go out and run for 45 mins, just working aerobic base, it was pouring rain, so only made it out for 37 mins and ran on pavement*


Friday 2/10:

  • 60+ Min Run at Bidwell 1 Mile to Hooker Oak
    • Ran 7.1 Miles in 1:00:10 (8:24 avg. mile pace)
      • *goal was just to go out and run for 60 mins, just working aerobic base, terrain had mix of small hills and minor muddy areas*
  • Intermediate Class:

Saturday 2/11:

  • Took off to recover

Sunday 2/12:

  • Recovery Run- 4.5 miles at slow recovery tempo, didn’t time the run or track pace…wanted to focus on just moving and getting the legs some extra miles

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Live in the Northern California Area and need a place to train OCR and Spartan?  NorCal Strength and Conditioning has two locations, Chico and Marysville.  Email me at matt@norcalsc.com for more details and information!

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Stay tuned next week for Week 4 of Programming here at NorCalSpartan.com!  Till then, make sure to Get Your Fitness On!

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