Spartan Race Schedule 2017

This year I decided to finally cough up the dough and buy the Spartan Elite Season Pass…It wasn’t a tough decision this year once I factored in how much I am racing this year compared to previous years.  Racing Elites (toughest Spartan division) depending on the distance of races costs between $150 – $250 per race!  So, it’s easy to see the cost savings at this point if you race more than 6+ times on the Elite Season Pass.

Spartan Season Pass

If you are a person that wants to save money (I am always looking for a bargain, too bad they don’t let you haggle…), you can’t go wrong with the season passes (They run from January – December, a calendar year).  I feel like the Trifecta pass is great place to start to give you a broad spectrum of what Spartan Race has to offer (you get access to each of their basic race offerings:  Sprint, Super, and Beast race).  And if you live in the California area, they have a lot of races coming up that are close by.

Here is my 2017 Spartan Season Line Up (I may add more races depending on how my body is feeling during the season and my budget is doing, traveling isn’t cheap for this sport!):

  1. March 18th Spartan Super Las Vegas (8-10 miles + 24-29 Obstacles)- Competitive Division (Elite was sold out, if a spot opens going to switch)
  2. March 19th Spartan Sprint Las Vegas (3-5 miles + 20-23 Obstacles)- Open Division (getting some extra practice in and running with a few friends for fun)
  3. April 1st Spartan Super San Jose (8-10 miles + 24-29 Obstacles)- Elite Division
  4. * May 6th Spartan Beast Montana* (12-14 miles + 30-35 Obstacles)- Elite Division (this is a big maybe, depending on funds available to travel super interested in going to this one, not registered)
  5. June 3rd Spartan Super Monterey (8-10 miles + 24-29 Obstacles)- Elite Division
  6. August 5th Spartan Ultra Beast Hawaii (26+ miles + 50+ Obstacles)- Elite Division (this is my milestone goal this year, never ran over 16.5 miles before ever!)
  7. September 30th Spartan Beast Tahoe  (14+ miles + 35+ Obstacles, this is the Spartan Race World Championships, typically longer and harder than other Beasts)
  8. *October 28th Spartan Beast SoCal* (12-14 miles + 30-35 Obstacles)- Elite Division (maybe, depending on funds available to travel and how well I’ve recovered from Tahoe Spartan World Championships, not registered)
  9. November 11th Spartan Super Sacramento (8-10 miles + 24-29 Obstacles)- Elite Division
  10. November 18th Spartan Sprint AT&T Park San Francisco (3-5 miles + 20-23 Obstacles)- Elite Division
  11. November 18th Spartan Sprint AT&T Park San Francisco (3-5 miles + 20-23 Obstacles)- Open Division (not registered but want to put a large NorCalSC team together for this one)

*This schedule may change or update as the season progresses.  There are a few other Spartan Races and other OCR Brand Names that I would love to check out (Tough Mudder has a few that I am very interested in checking out and possibly looking into OCR World Championships in Blue Mountain Canada).

Looking to learn more about Obstacle Course Racing and hate reading to gain information? Check out The Obstacle Order Podcast!  They have 102 episodes of great content on OCR and Spartan Racing.

Live in the Northern California Area and need a place to train OCR and Spartan?  NorCal Strength and Conditioning has two locations, Chico and Marysville.  Email me at for more details and information!

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Stay tuned this weekend for my first week of programming and training here at!  Till then, make sure to Get Your Fitness On!


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