#4: Exercise Tip of the Week

Hello NorCalSpartan.  This is the fourth installment of “Exercise Tip of the Week.”  Pulling power is a huge requirement for being successful in Spartan and OCR racing.  The ability to pull yourself over a wall, object, or even climb a rope is a necessity to your success out there in the race.  One great way to train your pulling strength and grip strength is to do Prowler Sled Pulls or Sled Pulls.  Watch the video below:

  1. Attach a long rope (We suggest a minimum of 25 ft.) to a Sled or Prowler Sled.
  2. Set the heels firmly into the ground and begin pulling the sled back towards you
  3. Rotate the torso slightly as you pull hand over hand to gain momentum
  4. Knees should be slightly bent and body upright in a 1/4 Squat position for stability
  5. Continue pulling hand over hand till the sled has covered the full length of the rope
  6. For an Extra bonus push the sled back to the start position to start the process over again

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