#3: Exercise Tip of the Week

Hello NorCalSpartan.  This is the third installment of “Exercise Tip of the Week.”  A lot of you training for the Spartan Race out there don’t have access to a rope to climb (mostly because of a place to attach it).  One of the best ways to train the rope climb without a rope is attaching a rope or strap to a heavy object, our favorite being a tire (super easy to get a used tire and rope somewhere for peanuts).

Our friends over at the Obstacle Order filmed a great way to simulate rope climbing using a tire without attaching a rope to a high ceiling or post.  Watch the video below and read the Key notes at the bottom to perfect your technique:

Key notes

1. Start in a push up position with feet outside the hips

2. Have one hand on the rope and the other underneath your shoulder for support

3. Abs and glutes should be engaged to keep the body stable and the midline tight

4. Begin with the hand holding the rope pulling the elbow towards your midline all while maintaining your stable push up position (keep hips square, they shouldn’t move)

5. Switch hands on the rope and repeat the process till your object is pulled the full distance

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