Weekly Trail Workout #2

Hello NorCal Spartan.  Here is Weekly Trail Workout #2 for this cycle.  We would love for you to post your questions and workout time to the comment section below.  You can also message us on our Facebook page or go there for our past workouts.

Weekly Trail Workout #2

Workout Brief:

  1. Timed 5k Run
  2. Every 5 mins on the clock stop your run and complete 5 Burpee Broad Jumps
  3. When Burpee Broad Jumps are complete go back into your run
  4. Every 10 mins on the clock stop and do 20 Walking Lunge Steps
  5. When Walking Lunge Steps are complete go back into your run
  6. Workout is over when you have finished the 5k running distance

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